Holiday – Day Three

IMG_0650.jpgSo today was the final day of the holiday and we spent most of it on the road! A three hour drive back home was not the end of a holiday that I’m used to but I had good company!

Before we left we spent a couple of hours in a very nice antique market where I, of course, treated myself to a new camera, as well as getting my Mum a nice elephant statuette. Stephen got himself a nice new pocket watch and a nice ornament for his Mum. Safe to say I could have spent hours in there!

We had a fantastic holiday and I wish we could have stayed there a day or two longer!


Holiday – Day Two

Happy anniversary to us. The whole reason we chose this weekend to go away was that the Saturday was our first anniversary! We had a lovely walk through the Carding Mill Valley area and a lovely dinner at a local pub. Definitely a good day. 

Holiday – Day One

So Stephen and I have arrived at our Airbnb ready for our long weekend away. It’s such a cute place in a really nice location. I can’t get over how spacious it is! We stopped into Shrewsbury on our way to drop off some films with our fantastic film developer William before getting a nice lunch in costa. We then checked into our flat and explored a bit of the local area. It’s such a cute town and I can’t wait to explore more of it tomorrow! We tried out the local Indian restaurant which had lovely food but slow service. We’re now sat watching Little Britain, a relaxing night in before out 10km walk tomorrow!

Welcome – My First Blog Post

Hello online world! I’m Ollie and this is my blog. On this site you’ll find random musings, recipes, photography and general ramblings. I’ll be getting this started properly when I start back at University in September but until then I’ll be doing random mini posts. You’ll be seeing a lot of me, my boyfriend Stephen and my flatmates in Chichester! Be prepared for a lot of random posts that don’t make any sense and a lot of posts that are completely unnecessary – it’s gonna be a fun ride!